Tiny is the New Small

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Here's a good post from Andrew Jones - www.tallskinnykiwi.com

Images Church for some of us happens in TINY increments, TINY spaces and sometimes with TINY amounts of people. It happens many times a week and many times a day when the various aggregations of God's people come together around coffee or taking care of business or helping someone and especially at mealtimes. It happens more often in my kitchen than in my study. Our "oikos", or extended family, changes daily depending on who is eating with us or staying with us that day, but it is still a tiny cellular unit that finds variety and visibility only when connected to other oikoses like it. Then it is seen as an integral part of the church in our city. . . .ok . . . town.

It is not always tiny - sometimes it is HUGE .....

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