September Greenhouse

Monday, September 08, 2008

It’s time to kick start the old Greenhouse meeting again. For the newbies on our list, it’s a monthly gathering that supports and encourages church planters and church planting especially that’s a bit alternative or experimental. It was birthed partly out of the website and partly out of our own need for friendship and encouragement.

We’ll meet again at Hurley’s (1225 rue Crescent) on September 24 at high noon. Some of us eat lunch but you don’t have to.

We’ll catch up on what’s been happening all summer as well as discuss this blog post from Michael Spenser, the Internet Monk.

It’s entitled Wretched Urgency It’s an old post but it has been one of his most read ever. Give it a read…do you agree or disagree? Does he take it too far? What would this do to our present ideas and methods on missions and evangelism?



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